7 Life Hacks to Improve Your Life

7 Life Hacks to Improve Your Life

Improve your everyday life with easy, convenient tips and tricks you can get started with today!

Thinking about improving your life can be a daunting task—while you may have grand ideas to switch things up, sticking to smaller, more attainable actions can help better your life on a day-to-day basis. These deceptively simple life hacks can promote greater productivity, happiness, efficiency and an overall more fruitful life. Read through and follow along to kick-start a lifethat ignites a better you.

1. Stay Organized

From a neat and tidy space to an intentionally planned calendar, keeping yourself organized can provide a great sense of control, reduce stress and increase confidence. It’s also a great way to concentrate on what really matters and avoid unnecessary clutter. To start, give everything around you a dedicated place of its own and put it back in its place when not in use. Going hand in hand, make the general concept of spring cleaning a regular practice by keeping only what you need. For those with busy schedules, color coding can be an excellent way to keep track of daily tasks.

2. Use the TV or Your Computer To Charge Your Devices

Ever find yourself without a charging block or outlet nearby? Luckily, many gadgets are cross-compatible—simply identify the type of cable your phone, tablet, camera or other devices uses, and hook it up to your TV or computer for a quick and easy charge! You’ll be readily connected anywhere you are.

3. Increase Your Wifi Coverage

Whether you’re gaming, working from home, watching TV or just surfing the web, nothing is worse than a weak or dropped connection. Maintain speedy coverage with reliable high-speed internet, like Cox Panoramic Wifi, that supports several devices for streaming, virtual learning, gaming and more—ensuring your devices have the proper bandwidth to run as smooth as can be. 

4. Enhance Your Sleep Regimen

Lack of sleep or a poor sleep routine can lead to groggy days and decreased efficiency, so it’s imperative to set yourself up with a healthy nightly regimen. As the sun goes down, consider dimming the lights in your home to allow your eyes to adjust into the night. If you have a smart device, you can set it to automatically dim the lights at a specific time, or simply set a reminder on your phone. Shutting the blinds, turning the volume down on devices and setting a comfortable temperature are other easy, helpful ways to help you transition into a blissful sleep.

5. Write Down Your Daily Tasks

Looking at a full list of tasks can be both exciting and daunting—you’re looking forward to tackling everything, but where do you start?! Before diving in, start your morning by jotting down the three most important things you can do that day to move you toward achieving your greater goals. This can help you stay focused, so you don’t waste time on tasks of low importance. If you manage to check them off your list, you’ll feel that much more productive and ready to take on the rest!

6. Exercise the 60/10 Rule

A very effective productivity hack is to set up a timer for one hour and concentrate on the task at hand. After the 60 minutes are up, take a break for 10 minutes and do something to re-energize you—go for a walk, call a friend, have a cup of tea, take a cat nap or anything else completely outside of your work.

7. Improve Focus With Music or White Noise

Having low-level background noise can help muffle any distracting sounds that may interrupt your work, and in turn increase creativity and focus. Whether it’s calming music or ambient nature sounds, any type of simple background noise may help you concentrate and stay focused on your tasks.






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