8 Useful Life Hacks for Students

We know that sometimes student life can be characterised by procrastination. But, for when you need to be productive and make your way through that assignment, here’s a list of the most useful life hacks for students to get you through your time at university.

1. Split up study sessions

Proven to help boost productivity, the Pomodoro Technique can help you get through any task. It breaks down work into 25-minute sections that are separated by 5 minute short breaks.

With so many distractions around, using this method helps you stay on track. Incentivise your breaks with a tasty snack or a scroll through social media to help give yourself that extra little push.

2. Organise your notes

You’ll thank yourself when it comes to revising for keeping your notes in order.

You’ve probably heard this before but using coloured pens will help you get the most out of any study session. Colour code and highlight as you write, it’s been shown to increase information retention!

3. Time management

During university, it can be hard to find your work-life balance. Dividing your time up between university, social activities and even sleep can make your life a lot easier.

Stay on top of your tasks by prioritising them with a to-do list. Having everything you need to do in front of you can help you concentrate on the task at hand.

4. Stay off of social media

Not all the time, just when it comes to studying. You’d be surprised how much you can get done without scrolling and scrolling.

For a simple life hack, pop your phone out of reach when you’re making your way through an assignment. If you’re still tempted you can put time locks on certain apps through the screen time section in your phone’s settings.

5. Google search “filetype:ppt”

If you’re struggling to understand a difficult topic, or are pushed for time with a looming deadline type into google the topic followed by “filetype:ppt”

You’ll find a long list of lectures with notes from universities across the world explaining the topic.

6. Google search “filetype:pdf”

A useful life hack for students especially if you couldn’t get hold of a copy of a textbook you need from the library (or forgot your copy at home).

Just search the title of the textbook you need + “filetype:pdf” into google and if there is an online copy you’ll be able to find it here!

7. Google Scholar

A free search engine that has access to more sources than most universities. Searching a variety of different sources it will scan accessible articles to help when it comes to writing any assignment.

Just make sure you double-check the source is reliable before including it in your reference or bibliography list!

8. Mix up your working environment

Changing your environment can encourage creativity.

If you’re struggling to focus, swapping between your bedroom desk, the library and even an internet cafe can be the motivation you need to finish a task.

Remember to find a chilled out playlist, to play through your headphones to block any distractions wherever you decide to set up.

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