DIY craft resources to inspire your children at home

Even if you’re keeping the school magic alive at home with Bitesize Daily lessons, lockdown can get pretty dull.

You don’t have to be an artist to add a splash of colour to your day, however. We’ve put together a guide of easy DIY crafts and recipes for all ages so you and your child can get creative when inspiration runs thin. From homemade spa days to study space decorations to international treats, there’s something new for everyone to try, so get stuck in.

Please note that some of these activities will require adult supervision!

DIY Crafts

  • Make a light-up alphabet pin board – This fun DIY by Sophie (known on Instagram as DIY Blonde) is the perfect way to liven up your room and stay organised.
  • Make a study schedule or running log with a bullet journal – Learn to stay organised with Louise Chai’s tips to starting a creative bullet journal.
  • DIY self-care – Five self-care ideas to treat you and your household. Learn how to make a feel-good face mask and discover some tips for staying calm.
  • Upcycling at home – Some simple, child-friendly ideas to get you crafting with everyday objects you could have around the house.
  • Make an animal-themed vase from household materials – Make a cute and easy vase with your child by reusing your recycling.
  • French crafts – Learn to make a French castle, an Eiffel tower card and a French sunflower as you brush up on your language skills.
  • Chinese crafts – Practise Mandarin as you master the art of shadow puppets, paper cuts and paper lanterns.
  • Spanish crafts – These Spanish DIYs are a fun way to learn your key vocabulary. Craft a Spanish fan, a colourful talavera tile and a festive greetings card.

Home grown recipes

  • French recipes – The perfect after dinner treat. Make yummy crêpes and madeleines as you learn French.
  • Chinese recipes – A learner guide to Chinese cuisine. Make your meal more exciting by framing it with a dumpling starter and a snowflake cake to finish, all while practising Mandarin.
  • Spanish recipes – Learn to make a popular Spanish snack and a magdelena as you memorise some key words.
  • How to sprinkle some cooking and baking into your child’s homeschooling – Is your child missing Food Tech? You won’t need a cupboard full of ingredients to make these easy recipes for primary and secondary aged children.
  • Create a sourdough starter – Hop on the trend of making and baking your own bread with this guide to a perfect sourdough starter.
  • Grow your own veg using discarded cuttings – Did you know you can grow fresh veg from your healthy scraps? Try this guide to creating a mini allotment using veg you already have.

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