Five Energy Efficient Life Hacks

Summer is coming up fast. The big blockbusters, huge amounts of ice cream, and astronomical energy bills. Summer energy prices can be a bigger killer than the shark from Jaws, only it’s super easy to stop bills from swallowing you whole. So here are some easy breezy tips that you can use all summer long.   

Splash of Cold Water

Too much energy goes into washing your clothes, almost 90% of the energy is used by washing machines is towards heating. Use cold/tap water whenever possible. Start taking cold showers to conserve energy. Matter of fact, taking cold showers has been linked to health benefits from better blood circulation to healthier skin and hair.  

Cool Cooking

You know when you cook something in the oven? Well it turns out, that you save a lot on electricity by simply turning off the oven ten to fifteen minutes prior to the timer running out. It will still cook through because the oven is still cooling down. Actually opening the oven door, cools it as well. While cooking try to not open oven door as much as possible, because just by glancing in, it drops twenty-five degrees.    

Unplug the Unused

All you need to do is unplug the electronic items in your house when you’re not using them. Not your refrigerator or oven.  Electronics you don’t think twice about, like your toasters, your lamps, or your desktop computer. Even when they are turned off, they’ll still pull a lot power from the outlets. You can save a lot if you unplug them during the night or when you’re not at home. Simple in theory, yes, but practice a completely different matter. So, to make it easier, by investing in  multiple power strips, so  instead of five separate cords you just pull one.

Air Arrangements

Air Conditioning is the biggest thing people spend money on during the summer, almost too much money. You can save some of that, by simply replacing your furnace’s filter. When you have a furnace, over time the filter time will become clogged and dirty. If the filter is dirty you’re A/C will work harder to cool the same amount. Just by replacing the filter once a month, the house will stay cool, cheaper, all year long.

Cool Shui

Re-arranging your living room is a pretty taxing process. Re-arranging your entire house can be a nightmare. When doing so you should to pay special attention to items in relation to the thermostat. Heated appliances like a lamp or a television placed near the thermostat, will make it think the area is hotter than it actually is, thus making it work harder to cool it.  

Now with these ideas you can do make sure summer is cool and better yet cheap. Feel free to use these and other energy efficient tips and tricks, all year long. Don’t be like Icarus, and let your hubris and carelessness melt your financial wings.  






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