Life Hack: Three foolproof ways to clean and refresh your bathroom grout

A common complaint in many homes, grimy grout can make even the cleanest bathroom look grubby. Here are three tried and tested ways to get your grout to look great again.

Baking soda and vinegar 

The classic combo of baking soda/sodium bicarbonate and vinegar works a treat on tired tiles. Make a paste with the baking soda mixed with some water, with two thirds of the mix being baking soda and water making up the final third. Mix it together until it forms a paste and grab an old toothbrush. Use the toothbrush to rub the paste onto the dirty grout, giving it a scrub where the staining or discolouration is more prevalent. If you find it too difficult to manually scrub with a brush you can find electric scrubbers, which look like oversized electric toothbrushes, in some shops and supermarkets or you could use an old electric toothbrush instead. Next, fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray this onto the grout where you have applied the paste. When it makes contact with the sodium bicarbonate the mixture will start to bubble and fizz. You can use the toothbrush or any stiff-bristled cleaning brush to scrub away the mixture from the grout. Finally, rise with water.

Keep grout limescale-free 

One cause of stained grout is limescale, which can attract dirt and mould. Limescale is a mineral deposit left behind from hard water, which contains a higher level of minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium. Regularly wiping your tiles and grout with a vinegar spray will help prevent your grout from becoming grotty. To make your own white vinegar spray, half-fill an old spray bottle with white vinegar and dilute it by topping it up with water. Use this mixture to spray down your bathroom walls a few times a week, which will prevent the limescale from building up. If a build-up has occurred, you may need to get a specialised grout cleaner to apply to the area to completely remove it.

Grab a grout pen 

Sometimes, even the most thorough scrub and deep clean can’t make your grout look as white as it once was. In cases like this, reach for your grout pen. After cleaning and removing any dirt and mould from your grout (if mould is present, you should never scrub it and you will likely need to buy a specialised cleaner to tackle the area) a grout pen can be used to brighten the grout. Shaped like an ordinary pen and available in hardware stores, grout pens are a very easy way to refresh your bathroom. Simply apply it directly to the grout with a steady hand. One coat is usually enough for full coverage, and you can experiment with a range of colours, so you can turn your white grout black or grey, for example, for a budget-friendly bathroom revamp.

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