Our Ten Favorite Work & Life Hacks

Life is complicated – and stressful. Anything that makes our burden lighter is a good thing!

Here are ten of our favorite work and life hacks – simple ways to make your life a little easier.

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The Popsicle Hack

Sticking a popsicle through a cupcake liner, saves little hands from drips!

The Cord Hack

When you buy a new electronic item, put a label describing the item on the cord.

Too often we find cords and have no clue if we still need the cord. This is usually way after the item has been sent to the trash.

The Mail Sorting Hack

Sort your email by the sender to make it easier to delete old mail and clean up your inbox.

The Spinach Hack

The fresh spinach from the cold case at the grocery goes directly into the freezer. I love a spinach omelette and it’s perfect. The little leaves all freeze individually!

The Work Streamlining Hack

I use a Habit tracker app to remind me of routines that make my workday more streamlined. I use it to remind me to wrap up my day one hour before the end of my work day. I have created templates (Outlook signatures) for routine communication. I shared them with our team of 10 and everyone has said it’s a huge time saver.

The Sunday Meal Prep Hack

Sunday meal prep. I used to scoff at it, until I started it by mistake. I wanted to make something that would take too long to make after work, so I made it on Sunday. Now I make everything on Sunday (or at least get it pre-prepared to a stopping point) so I only have to do one or two things for dinner after work through the week. Love this! I want to come home from work and sit down – well, as soon as possible.

The Junk Mail Hack

I keep a small blue recycling pail in a corner of my front porch. Anyone who brings in the mail knows to drop the junk in it before bringing the rest in the house. Easy peasy to put on the curb and no clutter in the house.

The To-Do List Hack

My favorite work hack is export from Outlook to OneNote. If I can’t resolve an email with a quick response, I turn it into a OneNote page, then archive when finished.

All my commitments are tracked in one place, and I never have to rewrite my “To Do List”

The Socks Hack

Safety-pin socks together (both heel & toe, so they don’t get tangled into a big ball with other socks) before tossing them in the laundry hamper. I never have to sort socks when pulling them from the dryer, and single socks don’t disappear in the wash.

The Prioritizing Hack

Take care of yourself first so you can be your best. I find I work better and think better when I feel my best.

And here are two bonus hacks!

The HR File Hack

Ask for a copy of your HR file each year when you do your taxes. Make it a habit. In Colorado the law says you are entitled to your entire HR file. I put in a request to get all the information added from the past year.

The Positivity Hack

Marinate in the good stuff to give you the energy and positivity to get you through the not so good stuff.

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